Randolph Cardiology Services

Randolph Cardiology provides the following in-office services:

  • Consultative Cardiology

  • Long term follow-up care for cardiology disease

  • ECG
    An electrocardiogram is used to monitor your heart. Also called an ECG or EKG.
    Each heart beat is triggered by an electrical impulse generated from special cells in the right upper chamber of your heart. An electrocardiogram records these electrical signals as they travel through your heart. We use an electrocardiogram to look for patterns among these heartbeats and rhythms to diagnose various heart conditions.
    An electrocardiogram is a non-invasive, painless test.

  • Exercise Stress Testing

  • Echocardiography Testing
    An echocardiogram uses sound waves to produce images of your heart. This common test allows us to see how your heart is beating and pumping blood. We use the images from an echocardiogram to identify various abnormalities in the heart muscle and valves.

  • Stress Echocardiography Testing

  • Holter Monitoring
    A Holter monitor is a continuous tape recording of a patient's EKG for 24 hours. Since it can be worn during the patient's regular daily activities, it helps the physician correlate symptoms of dizziness, palpitations (a sensation of fast or irregular heart rhythm) or black outs. Since the recording covers 24 hours, on a continuous basis, Holter monitoring is much more likely to detect an abnormal heart rhythm when compared to the EKG which lasts less than a minute. It can also help evaluate the patient's EKG during episodes of chest pain, during which time there may be telltale changes to suggest ischemia (pronounced is-keem-ya) or reduced blood supply to the muscle of the left ventricle.

  • Pacemaker/ICD Follow-Up Clinic

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